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The triple-album "un" is to be presented - at least in "un-plugged" version - in 2022

Until then you can already listen to 3 of the songs from the triple-album:

It Just Makes Sense

Album billede

Written and performed on all instruments by Søren Eppler with participating voices from Iran, India, Russia, South Africa, USA, Germany, France, China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Northern Jutland

Coming Home Today

Album billede

Words, music and performance by Søren Eppler

Our Future

Album billede

Words from Andrew Hoobs from Australia
Music by Søren Eppler
Produced in Denmark with musicians
Søren Zahle Schou: Choir - Michael Bruun: Drums
Janus Walsted: Bass - Vivi Kristensen: Djembe
Søren Eppler: Vocal and grand piano